Propalin® Syrup

Description of Propalin

Propalin is recommended for the long-term treatment of urinary incontinence associated with urethral sphincter incontinence. The degree of improvement in the symptoms of urinary incontinence may vary between patients. Also, some patients may not respond to therapy.​ Phenylpropanolamine is a chemical analogue of the endogenous sympathomimetic amines. It is an α-adrenergic agent which has been reported to increase resting urethral tone in dogs.  It acts by direct stimulation of the smooth muscle of the internal urethral sphincter.

Store between 15°C and 25°C.
Phenylpropanolamine HCl: 50 mg/ ml.
Dosage and Administration
3 drops/ 4 kg bodyweight twice daily or 1 drop/ 2kg bodyweight three times daily given orally with food.

1. Remove the childproof safety cap by pushing down firmly and turning anti-clockwise.

2. Take the dosage syringe, with plunger pushed inwards, and insert the end into the opening of the stopper. Push down firmly.

3. Hold at an angle, do not fully invert the bottle, draw Propalin Syrup in the syringe slowly to avoid air bubbles. Stop at the relevant mark on the plunger for the volume of Propalin Syrup required.

4. Turn bottle the right way up and take hold of the lower part of the syringe, close to the neck of the bottle. Carefully remove the syringe from the bottle using a turning action.

5. Hold the syringe over your dog’s food or in its mouth and push the plunger inwards as far as it will go to ensure you use the full dose of Propalin Syrup required.

6. Replace the cap onto the bottle and turn clockwise to tighten.

7. Wipe the end of the syringe with a clean tissue or paper towel and keep in a clean place. If the syringe needs cleaning, remove the plunger and rinse both parts with warm water.

8. Dry thoroughly, ensuring that the inside of the syringe is dry before replacing the plunger.

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