Description of Cue-Mate®

An effective progesterone treatment with an animal friendly re-usable wishbone for the management of reproduction systems in cows.

Ingredients in Cue-Mate®

Treatment Pods deliver the progesterone from a traditional silicone/progesterone matrix. They have a unique "gill shaped" design to maximise progesterone release and minimise residual levels after use.

Directions for use of Cue-Mate®

Cue-Mate® consists of a "Wishbone” carrier body, two replaceable treatment pods and an attached tail.
A Cue-Mate® applicator is required for inserting the device.
A dispenser of Veterinary Lubrication and a bucket of Veterinary Sanitiser should be on hand when inserting devices.
Wishbones may be re-used only after recommended sterilisation procedure has been carried out.

More information

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