Our products for Production animals

To get the best performance and results, reply on Vetoquinol’s portfolio of innovative products and services focusing on advancing genetic gain and improving reproductive outcomes via embryo transfer technologies and AI programs.
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  • Bioestrovet (PG)


    Prostaglandin injection for cattle and horses.

  • Bioestrovet®

    Bioestrovet® is a synthetic analogue of prostaglandin (cloprostenol).

  • Cattle-Mate™ Injection

    For the treatment of cystic ovaries, prevention of delayed ovulation and improvement of postpartum fertility in cattle

  • Cue-Mate®

    Intravaginal Progesterone Treatment, to prime anoestrous cows and induce cycling and to inhibit follicle maturation for synchronising oestrus in normal cows.

  • Forcyl packaging


    Presciption only product. Please contact your veterinarian. 

  • Marbocyl 100ml packaging

    Marbocyl® 10%

    Prescription only product. Please contact your veterinarian. 

  • Tolfedine® CS

    To aid in the treatment of pneumonia and acute mastitis in cattle and metritis-mastitis-agalactia in pigs.
    Tolfenamic acid is a potent pain reliever.